Do you wish you lived in a larger home?

small home

Wouldn’t it be great to have enough space to put everything away so your home didn’t look a mess all the time? How about plenty of space for your friends and family to chat and socialize?

There never seems to be enough home storage.

The bad news is that the longer you leave it, the worse it gets!

Moving to a larger home is one solution, but not a very practical one for most of us. It's expensive and time consuming.

There is another way to make the most of your home!

In fact, a number of ways. By looking at the problem from a number of different angles it’s possible to change how your home looks and feels. But most of all, you can make far better use of your existing space.

  • Enlarge your existing home. Few of us consider this option. Enlarging your property can be much more cost effective than moving to another home.
  • Make better use of the space you have. Re-thinking how we use space can have a dramatic effect. It’s surprising what you can do even on a limited budget.
  • Adjust existing features. There are some parts of a home which when adapted can provide a significant amount of extra room. Older properties in particular can be improved by paying attention to features from an earlier era.
  • Change perceptions. If a space appears to be small, we assume it really is small and we feel constricted. Conversely, if it appears larger, we feel less enclosed. By carefully decorating small spaces you can make your home appear larger. There are many techniques you can use. Some of these methods can be used for small home decorating and are the least expensive of all your options.
  • Sort out storage space. This is definitely something everyone can do, and there’s always room for improvement! Not only can you make more space available, but you get a much tidier home as well.
  • Make your rooms work for you. By thinking through the requirements of your lifestyle, you can make your home serve your needs.

Small Home Big Ideas is an ebook available from Amazon.

How will this ebook help you?

All these ways of improving how you use the space in your home are covered in this ebook. It’s full of ideas and suggestions to help you reclaim space and put it to maximum use.

Following just one of the many hints and tips could save you money and improve your home.

Some rooms have specific issues regarding space and usage, such as kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms. There are separate chapters for each of these rooms to help with their organization. Topics such as decorating small bedrooms and bathroom storage are covered.


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