If you have the perfect window, you may decide you don't need to do anything to it.

So what's a perfect window?

It has been described as a window which is beautiful in itself, which provides a magnificent view outside, and which also provides the right amount of daylight for the room and allows it into the right areas, and give the opportunity to allow in fresh air.

Yea, right!

But few of us have windows like that! Either the view is great and the window is ugly, or the window is attractive but looks out onto a brick wall or a builders' yard. Or if only the neighbors would reduce their enormous hedge which cuts out all the light...


Your window treatment lets you disguise the window, enhance it, bring out it's good points, or if there aren't any, simply cover it up.

Your treatments can be as simple or as complex as you like; from just a piece of cloth hung on a pole or rod, to elaborate uses of fabrics, fringes, edgings, tassels, tie backs and newly invented headings.

Here's how to decide which treatment to go for

In many situations the way your dress your window will depend on practical issues. People look in, so you want to stop them and give yourself some privacy. You want to 'dress' the window because it's an important room. And so on.

Then there are factors such as cost. Should your treatment be simple or complex. This page shows some of the options available to you.

Curtains and drapes are the most commonly used solutions to dressing your windows. Our interactive sketchbook will help you select your design.

There are many tracks and poles which you can buy, and they'll make a difference to how your window treatment looks and behaves.

Top treatments can give a whole new look to your windows, and are always worth considering. If you find your windows look 'hard', then this is one way of softening them.

But don't forget shades! Shades can be used in conjunction with drapes, but can sometimes provide the best solution when used on their own.


See the end of the page for many more ideas!


curtain and shade window treatment

Always think of your window treatment in relation to the room scheme.

Here you can see how the curtains and Roman shade reflect the colors in the room. Details are important - the black curtain rod matches the black of the chair legs, table tops, and even the sketches on the wall.

The overall effect is one of completeness and balance.


What do you like?

One of the easiest ways to decide on your treatment is to ask yourself what you would prefer to have. You may have been brought up in a home where drapes were used in every room, so your natural inclination is to go for drapes.

Or perhaps you've had enough of drapes, and you never want to see them again.

But there are so many more options available today. You can have very simple treatments such as Roman or Vertical shades. When the right fabric or slat material is chosen it can look really good.

So if you've only though of one or two options, broaden your outlook a little bit.

Not only are there many ways of decorating, but you can use two or more features together. The illustrations shown on this page illustrate some examples.


window with curtains and shades

Simple or complex?

You can enhance your windows in many ways. Often you'll keep to just one option, such as using drapes.

But on other occasions you can dress your window by using a combination of options.

Here dress curtains are used on either side of the window using eyelet headings supported by short poles. Plain valances in a similar fabric to the curtains are hung centrally over the windows which can be covered for privacy by roman shades.

The effect is simple in keeping with the modern theme, but results in an attractive and functional treatment.


Too much to think about?

Deciding on which treatment to use can be very complicated. Or so you might think.

The secret is to take your time and break the problem down into a number of sections.

  • Often you'll want to take some practical factors into consideration. Is the frame ugly, and you want to hide it? Does the window let in draughts, and you want heavy curtains to keep in the warmth?
  • Is the main purpose to give some privacy?
  • Is your room ornate, and you want to enhance your rather plain looking window to match?
  • Perhaps you just like nice window treatments, something to soften the room.

Think first about the practical issues. Get them sorted.

Then think about the look you want. You can combine different treatments so all your requirements are met.


curtains and sheers

One popular and very practical way to treat your windows is by using sheers in combination with curtains.

The sheers will give you good privacy during the day, and at night you can close the curtains to give full privacy. (Remember that at night if you have the sheers closed and lights on in the room, it's possible to see in from outside.)


Want some more ideas?

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