Yellows are the most popular colors used in home decorating.

From its cream hues to the most dominant acid, it can give you a huge range of effects.

Kitchens are brightened up by using it, while clean and restful traditional living rooms often use pale yellows as their main color.

A warm version makes a good wall color, especially when it is offset by white ceilings and paintwork.

It is very effective when used with ornaments, pictures and patterned fabrics or rugs. Rich reds, blues, greens and blacks provide very good contrasts.

It also works well when used with more neutral or cooler colors such as gray, light brown or grey-blue.

The warm version is a traditional decorating choice which has been used for centuries. It was very popular in neo-classical interiors during the late eighteenth century.

If you use a dull yellow, then cool grays and blues with bring out the yellow. Using warmer variations with it will make it look more neutral.

Small rooms can benefit from using muted or deeper toned yellows. The effect seems to add depth to such small rooms.


yellow colors bedding

This room uses a mixture of patterns and textures to give a combined yellow theme.

The wall color is a soft version of yellow, the bedding make use of two patterned fabrics, and the pillows use the yellow in the flower detail but also bring in a complementary green. The theme is then included in the bedside tables, which have been painted using the colors from the pillows, including the green.

The accents used here are the green in the pillows and the red of the picture frame (top left).





yellow and blue bedroom

Yellow and blue can be used together very effectively.

The two colors are combined in the curtain fabric. The bed cover uses a yellow striped fabric, while the chair is upholstered in a deep blue. A matching pillow sits on the bed.

Notice the yellow piping on the chair and pillow, which emphasize the edges.

The walls are painted in a light tone of yellow.


Whether you use yellow for your scheme - or any other color - you can check if it's going to work for you. Take advantage of the experience of professionals. (Only for residents in the USA and Canada.)

The Shortcut to Perfect Paint Colors - Paint Color Cheat Sheets


bedroom in yellow

The furniture all matches using a pale yellow, as does the ceiling. The bed head is upholstered in a deep purple which works as an accent color. Although not visible in this photo, other accessories will bring in the accent color in small quantities.

Remember, accent colors are strong, and there is enough already in the bed head for this room.


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